Splish Splash

by Meghan MacAskill

One of my favorite things is when clients come to me with fun ideas for their photo shoots. It could be a great prop, a cool concept, or a particular interesting location for their shoot. No matter what, I am up for anything and love photo shoots that are an adventure. Adventures lead to incredible photos that are often outside the box. What could be better than capturing photos that are uniquely special to you and your family?

This Mommy came to me with a great idea for a photo shoot with her 8 month old son. She told me about how much she loved giving him a bath in the evenings, how his eyes would get bright and he loved to splash and giggle. She asked if we could start his shoot in the tub.

I loved the idea immediately.

So at the start of this shoot we played in the tub, and it was so much fun I want to do it again…and again..and again.

True to Mommy’s word, this little boy’s eyes grew so bright and happy the moment he sat down in the water. It was so much fun to capture a moment that is so dear to this Mom and her son. A memory she will tell him about when he is grown. And now she has the pictures to show him when she tells him about those days. LOVE!

Dylan Portrait