by Meghan MacAskill

I met Hadley’s Mommy when we were both expecting. Six months ago we sat for a little while after church exclaiming over the many difficulties of pregnancy and childbirth. She was expecting her first, and me; my second. We hit it off and I found myself driving home thinking about what a beautiful pregnant woman she was. I watched her grow and get more anxious as the time grew near. First babies are always so special, and I couldn’t wait to meet this one. I was so thrilled when these first-time parents invited me into their home to capture their sweet first daughter. Baby girls are so near and dear to my heart since I have two.

She wears a bump on her tender little head. A reminder of a not-so-long-ago arrival into this world that was not so easy. She slept willingly for a little while, just long enough for us to get a few perfect shots, then she decided that she has to know what is going on, and she fought sleep the rest of the shoot. We didn’t mind. We held her and wrapped her up, and took pictures anyways.

Babies don’t have an off switch. You have to go with the flow in a newborn shoot, and if things don’t go perfectly- hey, that’s real life! I like to remember things as they really were, not as I want them to be. I revel in the imperfections. They make the best photos and the best memories.

Hadley, I love your little bump, your wide open mouth when you sleep, and your stubbornness. You made my heart smile.