Sydney & Austin

by Meghan MacAskill

Their names match two locations on opposite ends of the map. Two beautiful places very far apart, but with many similarities. Accordingly, these two beautiful children couldn’t be more similar, and more different at the same time. Sydney was obliging and grinned generously. Austin pouted and smiled only for gummy bears.

Sydney and Austin are not twins, though people think so all the time. They are brother and sister with an age gap of less than a year and a half. Now Mom and Dad are expecting baby #3, and I can only imagine how beautiful their new addition will be!

Mom wanted some photos of just the kids, but when the time came the location and light were so beautiful, Mom and Dad hopped in for some of the shots as well. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Hello gorgeous family in gorgeous light! Yes please!

I strongly feel that a child portraiture session is not complete without the parents. Children are so intrinsically linked to their family, to their Mommy and Daddy, that you just can’t capture the true fullness of a child in a session where the parents are not there too. I’m so glad I got to capture the fullness of these two dynamic and stunning children with their stunning parents.