by Meghan MacAskill

She’s got style. She’s only 5 months old and already, she’s got style. Between her round perfectly rosy cheeks and the stylish headband across her brow she totally works it. Boy are this first-time Mom and Dad in trouble. Their little girl is so full of style and beauty they should have their hands very full by the time this little lady reaches her teens!

She isn’t technically sitting up yet on her own, yet somehow she managed it just for our shoot. What a feat! I’m so glad I got to capture such a big moment for such a little girl. It was one of those times when you could feel the change and growth in the air. Filling the room.  Almost as if time was speeding up. I watched her grow before my eyes in that hour we were shooting as suddenly she went from an infant to a fully-sitting baby. It was miraculous. Just one of the many perks of photographing children. Every once and awhile you get to witness a miracle.
Thanks Lenessa, for having me over to take photos of your sweet girl. I can’t wait to take some more in a few months!