by Meghan MacAskill

He is perfect.

His daddy holds him tenderly and his mommy laughs at how much they look alike. He endures the position changes, the barely-there onesie, and the constant clicking of the camera. He sleeps through it all and even graces us with a few smiles. His head is perfectly round with the smallest bit of fuzzy dark hair. His toes are just the right size. He is the first son to this beautiful couple, and he is perfect.

When Peter and Cathrine asked me to photograph their new baby boy I was so thrilled. You see, I enjoyed another newborn shoot just a few weeks ago with his cousin- Gretta. Tommy is only the second of three cousins due to join this family this spring! What a fun time for this family to be having babies together!

Peter and Cathrine, your son is beautiful. He will grow so fast. I hope you live in the moment and enjoy every bit of him.