Beginning at the Beginning

by Meghan MacAskill

The month of February was filled with sorrow. Death came unexpectedly and repeatedly into my blissfully unruffled daily life. My world crumbled just a bit each time. I felt like a small child, with eyes wide wondering how this could happen. How the lives of two small children with so much ahead of them could be snatched away so quickly. A rude awakening. I closed my eyes and waited. Waited for the sadness to abate. Waited for life to return to normal. The truth is, nothing will ever be the same again.

How strange it is that with the loss of two little ones so dear, two new babies were the first to be captured by my camera with my return to photography. They will never replace the babies that were lost. Life ends, and begins again. Still, how sweet it is to be there for the beginning.

Baby Caleb was the first. What a character! He refused to give in to the overwhelming sleepiness he so obviously felt. He knew we were watching and waiting for him to drift off and he was too stubborn to let us have our way. It wasn’t until we put him to sleep in his bassinet and left the room for a few minutes that he finally drifted off. I was reminded once again that babies come with their own personalities right from the start. This guys likes things a certain way, but in the end I got the shots I wanted, and he got the sleep he needed, making it all the more worth it.

Baby Gretta was a sweet chubby little girl. She was so compliant and slept through nearly the entire shoot. She grinned multiple times in her sleep and allowed me to move her around without cracking an eye. What a darling! Funnily enough, my favorite shot from this session (the first one below) is the one she happened to open her eyes for. Go figure!

Thanks to Elaine and Lindsay for inviting me into their homes to capture these sweet babies as they begin their journeys. I hope I have the opportunity to capture many more moments with them in the years to come!