Kate and Dan: Just Because

by Meghan MacAskill

It’s in the way that she smiles. It lights up the room, it holds your attention, it makes you want to be her best friend. She has that power, to make you feel like you are important, brilliant, and interesting, just by the way that she listens to what you say as she smiles encouragingly. No wonder Dan loves her. She smiles and Dan looks at her like he can’t believe luck brought him such a woman. But it wasn’t luck. Dan makes her smile that wonderful smile. He has a special talent for it.

Kate married Dan seven years ago. They are expecting their first child this summer and Kate is glowing these days. You can see in her eyes that Motherhood suits her. And what a mom she will be. She radiates a feeling of nurturing, encouragement, and love. Dan will make the kids laugh, and Kate will always hold them when they cry.

I felt very privileged when Kate and Dan asked me to document their love at such a special time in their life. They stand at the threshold of parenthood. Their lives are about to change forever, and they wanted simply to capture this moment and their love, as they enter this new chapter. I was so overwhelmed to see how happy they both were, how happy they make each other. This is why I love taking pictures. I never tire of capturing those smiles, stolen kisses, and moments when life is changing.

Thank you both, I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby!