Santa Baby

by Meghan MacAskill

Last weekend I was asked to take photos at my ward Christmas party of the kids on Santa’s knee. Not wanting a repeat of last year’s abysmal photos (we do not speak of that), I decided to be prepared this year. I borrowed studio lights, I used my new black backdrop, and I got my camera and the lighting all set before the party started. I had been promised some nice Christmas decorations like some poinsettias or a Christmas tree to put in the shot, but in the end the decorations did not come through. At first I was disappointed because I thought the shots would be boring with just Santa and the kids on a black backdrop, but it turned out nice. There is a simplicity about the photos that I really like, and I feel like I got the lighting and the color just right, which is big since I have never set up the lights without help before. Here are a few of my favorites (oh, and please disregard the horrible Santa costume, lol):