Starting Out

by Meghan MacAskill

So here I am- 5 years into my exploration of the world of photography. I grow deeper in love all the time with this talent. It’s my outlet, my passion. I love the feeling of the camera in my hand, the clicking sound of the shutter, the feeling that comes with capturing peoples memories for them in the form of photographs. It’s addictive.

Things change. Babies become toddlers, and then children, and then teenagers. Just like that, you are old and gray looking back at your life in photographs. I love that I can use this passion and turn it into those memories that people will treasure as they grow old. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found something in life that not only makes me happy, but also makes others happy as well.

Someone I know recently said that the reason they have a photoblog is not to show off, but to track their progress as a photographer. I too am starting this blog as a way to track my progress, and learn more. So if you are a visitor, please do not hesitate to criticize, comment, and teach. I hope to learn everything I can so I can reach my full potential in this skill that I love.